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A New Yorkers Guide To Tomorrows Dolphins Game

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Just a few more notes on tomorrows game…
It is going to rain tomorrow. If you are tailgating with us, if you have any sort of tent or covering you can bring please do! We will be doing the tailgate rain or shine but if the rain is really bad we might park in a near by parking garage.

Also remember we will have some food and and some booze but we are looking at probably 100 people for this thing assuming the weather isn’t horrible so we need everyone to bring your own food and booze if you can. If anyone has a grill or any of the normal tailgating stuff bring it. We can’t have too much stuff.

One thing we will have at the tailgate will be Orange Miami Dolphins Rally towels. We had the Dolphins send us a box of 50 towels that they were giving out at the last Jets game. We will be giving them out to anyone who bought tickets with us and hopefully we can fly those Orange towels all day.

If you are planning on tailgating with us and have not done so already email with your contact info. We will be emailing everyone as soon as we park and know where we are going to be. We are planning on being there between 11 and 11:30. If you can’t get email on your phone give us your phone number and we will text you. We will also be updating the @dolfansnyc Twitter and updating the Facebook group as soon as we park.

Now, very important. I know with the weather and the Dolphins record some people are trying to get rid of tickets. If you bought your tickets with us you are with a group of Dolphins fans. Do NOT sell your tickets to stub hub or let them fall into Jets fans hands. That would be really unfair to the rest of the group. People bought these not so great 300 level tickets so they could be surrounded by Dolphins fans, people want support in enemy territory. If you have extra tickets please post a message on the Facebook group. If anyone needs tickets, please check the Facebook group. Hopefully we can figure this out.

AGAIN… If you need tickets, please check the Facebook group! Someone will be able to help!

And finally… I just wanted you guys to check out this song by a Miami rapper named Solo D. He writes a song every week about the Dolphins upcoming opponent. His song about the Jets game is amazing. We have already hit him up about doing an official Dolfans NYC song.

Can’t wait until we take over Giants Stadium tomorrow. Go Dolphins!

The Raiders

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

So this week we go to Oakland without Brandon Marshall and a quarterback question.  Fortunately for us Oakland can be run on and if we are going to have a good run game all year this has to be it.  Henne is probably going to get the start which is scary because Oakland has a decent pass rush and Henne will be in a knee brace.  On the other hand if Thigpen starts he is 1-11 as a starter but his one win came at Oakland.  I really have no idea what to expect from the game but I just hope it is a lot more fun than last week.

I also wanted to thank everyone who came out last week, we raised over $500 for The Miami Dolphins Foundation. It was a big success despite the game. This week at Third & Long we aren’t doing a raffle or anything but we do still have Dolfans NYC shirts for sale (although we are out of Mediums). All of the money still goes to charity minus random club expenses.

Speaking of the shirts… did you guys see Dan Marino with his? It’s a pretty good look…

Next week I am going to be in Miami for the Cleveland game and then we have the big trip to the Meadowlands for the Jets game so I won’t be at the bar for a few weeks so I hope to see everyone at Third & Long this week. No matter how badly the Dolphins play everyone still has a good time until the fat lady sings.

Go Dolphins!

Vs. The Titans

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

So what can I say? Last week was a disaster and I spent over $200 to attend the game in person. I watched it with a bunch of great DolfansNYC members that responded after I sent out a message last week so I am thankful for that, but being embarrassed at the game was not something I will soon forget. We got beaten in all three phases of the game and even the security guards were making fun of us. It was bad… but not as bad as the Dolphins.

Personally I cannot understand how we could not stop them from running running back dump off after running back dump off. At some point you would think Mike Nolan would have had someone mirror Rice after we got burned.  I have no idea what happened after we have been playing such good defense of late.
On special teams how could we possibly leave a gunner open and allow a punter to complete a damn pass? It was the only time all game we had forced them to punt and we blew it.

And our offense? Now that was something. After a fantastic drive to open the game we decided that we wouldn’t run the ball again. Dan Henning called one of the worst games of his career. We were empty back field half the game. We through something like 50 times and we didn’t start running play action until we were down by 16 with 2 minutes to go.

And the Dolphins solution to this? Bench Chad Henne. To me this is absurd. Henne missed an easy touchdown and he three 3 interceptions, but honestly two of those weren’t even his fault. Evidently he has 7 interceptions on the year that haven’t been his fault.  That is absurd. With the 8 would be INT’s that our defense has dropped we are talking about a -15 turnover margin caused by drops and miscues.  This team has a lot of problems but in my mind the answer is not benching Chad Henne.

That being said, I do think Chad Pennington can come in and lead this team. Henning’s horrible offense is built for Pennington and I think Marshall is going to love him.  Marshall and Bess are both the type of players you can dump short passes off to and Pennington is just the type of guy to throw to him. I think it will turn this team around.

Of course it will probably be the end of Henne in Miami and Pennington will get injured again or just get too old for this and we will have to start all over again trying to find a new guy when I wasn’t ready to give up on Henne.
And lastly the idea to bench Sean Smith for Jason Allen has turned out even worse than planned. Not only did we have some serious coverage issues with Allen in the game but after he got re demoted evidently he started complaining and asking to be released. So now he is playing for Houston and old man Al Harris is having to learn Mike Nolan’s defense.  I don’t exactly see a 35 year old man being a core four special teamer do you?

Anyway, I am going to stop bitching about this team. I love them and I really think they are going to win a bunch of games in a row starting with the Titans.  Yes, the Titans are coming off a bye but Vince Young is still banged up and Moss could just cause havoc in Tennessee. I really think we are due to win one at home and then our schedule gets a lot easier from here on out. If we can go 6 and 2 maybe we are back in this and I think Pennington if he stays healthy might just be the guy to take us back to the playoffs… but we are going to need some luck.

So, I hope to see everyone out at Third and Long this week. We need a big crowd to keep everyone in this. I don’t want to see the place start to thin out because we have lost a few games.  I know the die hards will be in the back with me, but we need to keep that place packed.

Next Thursday we are going to do some special event for the Thursday night game against the Bears… so put that on your calendar and get excited.

See you guys Sunday. Go Dolphins!

Out For Ravens’ Blood

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Just a short post today. I have a busy weekend I have no idea how many of you actually read these things

I just wanted to say I like our chances against the Ravens this week and if we win we will put ourselves in a very good place in the AFC playoff picture. Winning again against the Titans would go a long way next week too. Let’s see if we can get a little winning streak going.

I was hoping the be in Baltimore for the game but unfortunately the people I was going with could not make it. If anyone is going to the game and has an extra ticket for sale, let me know I would love to make the trip but I don’t want to sit by myself.

If I am not at the game I will of course be at Third & Long. If anyone out there hasn’t been yet you really need to join us out there. This season has been so much fun win or lose. We even got the bartender to get rid of her Giants gear and put on a DolfansNYC t-shirt.

Speaking of the shirts, we got more in and Michelle will have them for sale even if I am not at the game.

Let’s get em this week guys! Go Dolphins!

Moving Forward…

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Normally when I post picture I talk about last weeks game. I will not this week. I have no comment on the Steelers tragedy so please don’t talk to me about it. Moving on…

This week we have to play the Bengals and the TOcho show.  The game is away so all the pundits are picking us based on some stupid coincidence.  The reason we are 0-3 at home and 3-0 on the road is simply because we played better teams at home than on the road. I have no idea why people are making a big deal out of that irrelevant statistic. Going into Cinci is not going to be an easy game but I really do think the Dolphins are the better team and that we can win this game. The Bengals have a tough defense, but we played pretty well against the Steelers and Jets defenses… we just need to get in the damn endzone.

As always we will be watching the game as a group at Third & Long (35th and 3rd) and win or lose we will have a good time.  We always have drink specials for Dolphins fans and now we have our own Dolfans NYC IPA that is only $4 a pint. We should be doing some sort of raffle this week and we finally got new large and XL t-shirts in.  We got the logo printed bigger on them this time too. They look really good.

And lastly if you have questions about group tickets to the Jets game you should email for details.

Thanks guys, see you Sunday. Go Dolphins!

Oh.. and pictures below.  Double click if you want to save an image.

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Make The Steel City Weep

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

So the Dolphins have their first 1pm home game all year against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The heat should help and the Steelers are wearing black but unfortunately there is a chance of rain on Sunday. Either way we have to find a way to get a win at home finally. If we beat the Steelers it will make people pay attention and keep us alive in the AFC.

When this all comes down to it I have a feeling we will be fighting with the Steelers for a wild card spot. I went to Penn State for college and my freshman roommate was a huge Steelers fan and I watched football with him every Sunday for two years so I had love for the Black and Gold but with a creep like Big Ben at QB and that 3-0 game in the monsoon a few years ago I am running out of that love…

Their run defense is crazy so it might be up to Henne to win this game. I know that scares a lot of people, but I think the guy will come to play and hopefully avoids that crazy haired safety lurking back there…

A few other notes:

For those of you joining us at Third & Long we have something pretty awesome in store for you. Curtis the bar manager at Third and Long surprised us with a branded beer handle and he will be serving “Dolfans NYC IPA” the official beer of our fan club. It will only be served during Dolphins games and is only $4 for Dolphins fans! Pretty awesome.

Dolfans NYC IPA

We have 10 extra tickets to the Jets/Dolphins game now. They are $110 and I know a lot of people asked me about them so email Michelle ASAP at if you want to get in on our Meadowlands take over. We have now bought over 60 tickets as a group. Maybe we can make it 100!

Hope to see you guys this Sunday at 1pm at Third & Long (35th St and 3rd Ave.) Go Dolphins!

Dolphins Vs Packers

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the break from football as much as I did. After having my heart broken two weeks in a row I have pretty much avoided everything Dolphins for a while. I just couldn’t take it. But I am officially back on board.

The Dolphins are 2-0 on the road and ready to make it 3-0 against a banged up Packers. It looks like Aaron Rodgers is going to play but Clay Matthews is doubtful and Woodson has a toe injury which is never a good injury for a DB to have. On the Dolphins side we are the healthiest we have been all year coming off the bye week. Looks like Odrick is still out, but we finally get Crowder back and John Jerry is at least going to be worked in. If the Dolphins can hit Rodgers early (and Cam Wake should have a day with RT Mark Tauscher doubtful) I think they have a pretty good chance of taking the upset and getting back on track. And I pray they do because I can not take three straight losses. We need this game.

I am excited to see everyone at Third & Long (35th and 3rd Ave) this week. We should have a little more room to move around at the bar this week since it is not a big division game, but I hope to see the place pretty packed anyway. I know that anyone who can manage to be a Phins fan in the middle of Jests country can’t possibly be a fair weather fan. We aren’t doing a raffle or anything this week, but we still have drink specials if you are wearing Dolphins colors and as always we will have sound and the game on more than half the TV’s in the bar.

I can’t wait! Go Dolphins!

Monday Night Football!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

The Dolphins only play on Monday Night Football once this year, and it happens this Monday. Get excited people, it’s our first crack at the New England Patriots.

Last week was a disaster at least our offense came to play. If the Dolphins offense plays like it did last week we should be able to put 50 points on the Patriots. Unfortunately the Patriots offense has two things the Dolphins have proved they can’t stop… Tight Ends.

The Patriots have two fantastic pass catching tight ends and I have to admit I am pretty worried about how we are going to stop them. That being said we are historically pretty good at home against the Patriots and we have to come up big in prime time, especially after last week. We must win this game.

Now a few important things. We will be at Third & Long as always watching the game. For those who haven’t been yet, it’s at 35th and 3rd Ave in the city.

Come early! We have had a little bit of a line at times. Everyone get’s in but you might have to wait a little bit. If you get there 30 minutes early you won’t have a problem. Third and Long has good MNF drink specials so they have a bit of a regular crowd there, so we gotta get there early and make sure we have the whole place to ourselves.

We WILL be doing a raffle this week. I know I promised a raffle last week but Michelle was out of town and we didn’t get it together in time. We will be raffling off a Dolphins hat signed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross as well as a really nice Dolphins jacket that he gave us. We will also probably have a bar tab do give away and a Dolfans NYC shirt.

Speaking of shirts, we ran out of L and XL shirts so fast that we haven’t really been selling them the last couple weeks, but I got new shirts printed and we should have every size available. They are 15 dollars and are aqua with the DolfansNYC logo on them.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention the tickets to the Jets game. If you have talked to Michelle about buying tickets, please bring your money on Monday. She put 36 tickets on her credit card and needs to start collecting money. We want to order more tickets as well, so if you want to go with us to the Jets/Dolphins game in NYC, email Michelle ASAP at

Okay! See you Monday and remember almost all the money raised from the raffle and the t-shirts goes to the Miami Dolphins Foundation charity. The only money that doesn’t go to charity goes to club expenses like printing shirts, promoting the club and prizes for the raffles. So please, be generous. And if you would like to just donate money please let us know. We are trying to raise $1500 as a group. Thanks!

Jets Week In NYC!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

This is it. This is the game I have had my eye on since the schedule came out. Primetime game against our most hated rivals. Our first home game and a chance to shut Rex Ryan up for a little bit. We are actually favored to win this game and most people are picking us, but I think we are really still underdogs. No one really expects Miami to be 3-0 headed to the MNF game vs New England… But I do.

I am usually pretty pessimistic when it comes to out Phins, they have disappointed too many times, but the Jets are a team I think we match up well against. I simply don’t think the Jets can score against us unless it’s on defense or special teams and I think the Phins have shown that they can put points on the Jets defense.. and that was before they lost some of their star players. Vontae will lock down Edwards if he plays and they are going to have to run on us. I guess we will see what happens. I think we win 13-9 or something boring like that…

The Dolphins will be wearing Orange on Sunday and they are asking the fans in Miami to do the same. I am asking you guys also to wear Orange if you have it. I personally only have an Orange Seau jersey and I will not be wearing that, but I am pretty sure I have an Orange Dolphins shirt somewhere. Also the Dolphins Defensive players have been encouraging people in Miami to howl on big defensive downs. A Dolfans NYC regular named Yonathan led the charge on Twitter for this and it has steamrolled into something that should be pretty fun on Sunday. If anyone is going to the game make sure you Howl like crazy when the Phins need you. I am sure I will be doing some howling myself at Third and Long.

Also, another reminder about tickets for the Jets/Dolphins game in Miami. We have already purchased more than 20 tickets for the game and we want to buy more but we need your money. The tickets are all 300 level endzone tickets, but we will all be sitting near each other. We are trying to buy three full rows. If you want tickets email to find out how to pay for them online or bring me or Michelle $112 on Sunday at Third & Long.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone for the big crowds we have been having at Third & Long. It’s really great to watch the game and get crazy with fellow Phins fans. I know this game against the Jets is on TV and you can watch it in the comfort of your living room but this is a big game for us and we need you guys out. Let’s cheer our boys on together. I am not %100 sure but I think we will be doing a raffle this week as well. Should be a lot of fun.

Okay, that’s it. I will see you guys out this Sunday night at Third & Long at 35th and 3rd ave. Go Dolphins!

Pillage The Vikings!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I gotta go out of town in a couple hours so I am just going to cut and paste the message I sent out to the DolfansNYC Facebook group. If you don’t live in NYC this is probably not relevant to you…


Glad to see everyone out last week! Third and Long was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Beating the Jills was great but this week we face a much harder task in the Minnesota Vikings and our old friend Bret Favre. The last time the Phins faced Favre I and some of the founding member of DolfansNYC were watching the Dolphins become AFC Champions. We had seats just a few feet from the field and we watched our boys trounce Favre and the Jests. It was great. This week unfortunately I have to be out of town for a funeral so I won’t be at Third and Long, but Short Michelle will and I am sure someone will step up and lead the bar in the “That’s Another Miami Dolphins… FIRST DOWN!” cheers. DolfansNYC has a very deep roster this year so I’m sure we won’t miss a beat.

For those of you who have been asking we are temporarily sold out of Large and XL DolfansNYC t-shirts. There will be S, M and XXL shirts available on Sunday and I will have a new batch made up for the Jets game next Monday. The T-shirt sales have been great and along with a few ads on we have raised more than $350 for charity.

People have also been asking about Jets Vs Phins tickets. We are planning on buying tickets as a group. We are going to be buying several blocks of 10 seats. If you want to come with us, please have cash in hand on Sunday or the following Monday. Michelle will be buying tickets during the games and she will need your money to reserve a seat. If you have any questions about tickets email her at

My last order of business is a favor from the Dolphins. We work with the team a lot and are raising money for their charities. They hook us up with stuff all the time and are now asking a favor in return. They are trying to promote their new photo store. It’s a pretty cool to get great shots of Dolphins players in action. They are offering everyone a free photo just for signing up. Also whatever Dolphins fan website that signs up the most people will win a gift certificate to the store. If we win we will spend the money on picture for our fund raising raffles so take a second to sign up. It seriously takes less than 30 seconds and you get a free photo out of the deal.

Anyway, that’s all I got for you this week. I hope everyone can make it out to Third & Long this week at 35th and 3rd. Ill miss you guys Sunday but I’ll see you next monday when we kill the Jets at home!

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